ThE AbOuT:

In the world, a blogger was born...
The blogger trained year after year (working out at the gym)...
Blogging never came as an idea to the future blogger's mind, until one day, the blogger woke up and found the golden trophy of knowledge.

That's just the beginning of The Candid Nation
So the blogger had to decide, what would be the slogan?
Dictionary after dictionary, thesaurus after thesaurus, came three yet beautiful words...
~Emphasizing Common Sense~

You know why the blogger kept that slogan? Because that is the blogger's mission, after all, the world really lacks some common sense. And wouldn't it be rewarding to emphasize common sense through the art of blogging or modern day writing? Yes, sir indeed. 

Unfortunately, this blogger cannot reveal its real identity. But rather be known as Lyfé Wisdom, the one who spread wisdom and common sense around the world. The blogger realizes that using its real identity is not important, and just knowing that there's one person who wants the well-being of others is even more significant. 

On the historical day July 4th, this author opened up The Candid Nation for the very first time. In just a month the trafficking went crazy and bumped up to 150 page views.
Sure they were mostly spam websites, but hey everything has a positive side!

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