Philoso #51: Why Being Purposeful is Wrong for Society

Many things are wrong with society these days. 

One of the biggest flaws is being purposeful.

It's when you're friends with someone simply because you have a purpose. 

After using that individual or group of individuals, you might leave, bar contact, or simply do something abstract that makes the entity confused. 

It's ridiculous to see that people are treating each other like objects.

One time you find them useful and one time you throw people away as if their feelings don't matter. 

I've seen this trend among young people. One of the reasons why I find this trend is increasing is because of social media's link to narcissism.

Everything is about showing off. What you have and what I have should be in comparison. It's usually never about building positivity, outreach, and community. 

If this trend continues, generations will be further isolated. The loneliness epidemic is already on the rise, so I don't expect it to die down anytime sooner. 

Positivity and an interest in community building have to be a priority in a tech-filled age. Without it, we won't have a compassionate world. 

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