Philoso #50: Why Toxicity is Spreading More Than Ever

As the primaries are coming up, I'm noticing more and more hate. 
The hate is a divide of values, political isolation, and a non-understanding of how actions affect others. 
Look closely at all the war...
I've seen people comment #RedWave or #BlueWave and I'm sitting here like, do people really think this is a partisan issue?

Trump is destroying many things. The most crucial thing he's destroying is the value of unity. When people unite, so many things are accomplished compared to one person's work. 

The Republican party has changed over the years. I would say it's for the worst, as the moral decency held by McCain is no longer there. The democratic party is odd in many senses. The Clintons assumed they had a ton of power, and after the presidential election, their power reduced a bit. However, there are several candidates who are grounded---it all depends on how their work would affect communities. 

Right now, toxicity is spreading simply because Republican party, and typically those that support it, don't want to acknowledge that alike the democratic party, there are several huge shortcomings within the candidates. 

Why not remove the fact of which party one belongs to? There's no reason to clash right now. There is a reason to get more progressive candidates in the primaries. 

Hate and toxicity will spread if humans don't realize the core basis of what we do. 

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