Philoso #49: Why Individualized Action Matters More

These days we're in despair because of the new president. He's declaring that Puerto Rico hasn't been affected by Hurricane Maria nor do women have authority in the workplace. 

Guess what, we're not supposed to be in despair. History has shown us that despair doesn't solve anything. Remember the women's suffrage movement? Women didn't sit lamenting, they pushed for rights---that would transcend generations.

Our own initiatives are the most powerful, after all, that is what a democracy stands for. 

Even former president Obama came in a NowThis video about how voting and personal efforts sway what Congress will push for. Not all problems in the nation can be solved, but a vast majority of issues can be solved. 

Creating initiatives to help those from suffering abuse, homelessness, and improving government reform shows how people have to power to create more dramatic change than Congress ever will.

Protests against the ICE, lobbying Congress to realize that people are people, will create a huge step in instilling humanitarianism. 

Political parties look intimidating for a reason---it's a group of people representing ideas. The same intimidation can be applied when people join together in groups and create physical change. 

We can't give power to those who are ignorant of humanity. We can't give power who aren't technical and live in a post-truth society within their own head. 

Intelligence comes from being aware, compassionate, and empathetic. It's why we could all sleep during Obama's presidency. 

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