Dalai Lama Post #19: Inner Beauty

Superficiality is one of mankind's greatest atrocities. Not only is it super fake on the whole, it creates a delusional society where short-sightedness is more appreciated than human insight. 

Take the whole Instagram culture and fashion industry these days. You have to be toned, have a flat stomach, certain style of hair, and outfit to be considered worthy of mere friendship.
Seriously, it takes all of that, just to get to a "Hello, how are you?" from someone.

Inner beauty isn't being recognized in the modern age.

Standards that are normally accepted create this very narrow image for both men and women, where judgment of the outside leads to more progress in one's life compared to one's personality.

In the movie "I Feel Pretty" by Amy Schumer, Renee sees how her toned model friend Mallory is easily hit on by guys in a store aisle simply because of her looks. There's no question on how Mallory is as a person.

However, in a world where loneliness is common, you would realize that outer beauty has nothing to do with strong relationships.

Strong relationships come from strengthening personality and empathy. The more we focus on those two things, the easier it is to develop meaningful relationships. Indifference reduces, human connection sustains. People realize how important connection really is.

Focusing on body norms and how one looks creates indifference among people---as those who oppose these standards are shunned away as "ugly" and "of lower class."

The key point is how humane human connections would be if inner beauty were the biggest priority.
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