The Critique: Women Who Influence---Shalini Saxena

How do people make a huge difference in life?
Women Who Influence talks about just that.
With the award-winning publisher of the series, Kate Butler, several women composed chapters to explore what it means to influence lives for greater positivity.

Shalini Saxena Breault, is the director and founder of her healing and growth company--- Swan Goddess LLC.
Swan Goddess specializes in reiki, yoga, meditation, and much more.

Shalini's company is based on her life experiences and most importantly, spirituality.

Her chapter in Women Who Influence, Be the Change, discusses women's empowerment through Hindu goddesses that invoke knowledge and wisdom.

She delves into how Goddess Durga is a force of realization and creativity.

"She is the strong mother. She is loving but fierce.
Life can look a bit tumultuous or chaotic when working with her, but it’s always for your
highest good and is done with tremendous love for you and to help you find your truth.
Durga knows your truth. She knows your heart and soul. Durga is depicted with many
arms holding weapons. The weapons help you cut the cords and attachments you carry
that are preventing you from living your truth. She helps loosen your grip on old
memories, fear, and the past."

A strong fierce mother that shows the impact of not understanding one's creativity is then correlated to how Shalini made career changes in her life. They were bold moves involving risk. However, Shalini was determined to empower others.

She concludes the chapter, with three phrases that resonate with the ultimate purpose of humankind.

"You are the warrior. You are love. You are creation.
The world needs you.
Be the change you wish to see in the world"

In all essence, we as human beings need to spread the love we each encompass. Compassion and openness leads to developing relationships and supporting in times of distress.
Being a warrior means to fight for justice, an element necessary today since people tend to cut each other off for vain or unjust reasons.
Creation leads to explore what was an impossibility before.

We need to be the change to see greater positivity in the world.

For more information and inquiries: for a signed copy of the book, Women Who Influence, or questions for upcoming events, workshops, retreats, blogs and more

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