The Critique: Blacc---the Poetic Essence

Whenever one reads poetry, there's a general notion that it's bliss and nature in itself.

Blacc by Monben, is a poetry book that details in to different cultural aspects of life. More importantly, it comes straight from the soul, how one can witness life in troubling times and about one's identity. 

Blacc is different. 

Blacc is bold. 

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My personal favorites are the poems Dystopia, Black Boy, Powder, and Alpha. These specific poems move you on the inside, raising the message someone yearns to hear exactly. 

  From Dystopia:

Monben writes, 

"And to be a woman is to be cursed
living men will touch you and throw you in the dirt
But dead women have it worse because
they are looked at like the scum of the earth
and told that their bodies are public property."

She talks about black identity and what it means to go through life while either being a woman or man. This particular stanza talks about how women's bodies are considered independent---constantly being judged and perpetrated by men, as sexuality can't be a personal thing. 
Monben details into how the woman has to toil herself to raise her kids, while being termed as "dead." A symbol for how women's personalities are succumbed in poverty---and simply make ends meet. 

From Black Boy:

Monben Writes, 

"Black boy is killer
Black boy is death
When he puts his hands up and holds his breath
Black boy is thug
Black boy is street

While holding a mug in corporate seat"

She illustrates how a black man on the street is perceived. While we all may say that police brutality exists, but the idea isn't enough. This stanza shows us the perception. We can see that a black man is mostly considered a threat, and even in the industry, what stereotypes the black identity has to uphold. 

From Powder: 

These days I let her rest
I don't wake her anymore ever since she beat me and said that we not her problem, 
that she wishes she drank a little less liquor that night, 
that she wishes he was just a little less fine
so she wasn't so inclined to bend over. 

Powder discusses the effects of abuse and alcoholism. It's where a mother doesn't wish to take care of her kids, and the girl describing the scene is often bleeding. It details into what happens in poverty, when substances are used to compose oneself. 

Here's Monben's pick:

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