Philoso #48: Compassion is the Key to End All Suffering

Syria's airstrikes.
Biochemical weapons.
Two black men arrested at Starbucks.
Tons of firing in the Trump hell-hole.

There's a reason why the world is falling apart in it's values.

The examples I've listed above are just a few to name all atrocities going on right now. 
However, when you see an act of kindness, you always sense the world will be better. 

It's a phenomenon in the brain that triggers the charitable act to continue forward. 

That phenomenon is called "elevation," as per several studies. 

Yet, the more important issue, is how we get emotional when we see charitable acts. We desperately need it more often. Often I note that we're deprived of it, and once we feel elevation, nothing in comparison is more refreshing. 

Being moved by spreading love and compassion is what makes humans so unique. There's so much potential in that one moment of compassion than any warfare or negotiation. 

One Sanskrit term, mentioned by Daniel Burke, is "Kama Mutra." It translates to "moved by love." Stories of the Buddha and in general, when you read Indian texts that describe a devotee meeting their Guru, you might find this phrase and concept. 

Compassion is the Guru we all need. Although it's a infinite concept that can't be seen, compassion is what guides us to prosperity---acting as a very different compass. 

In today's world, we often say that everything has become more complex, and tech-prone. Populations succumb to the world of the screen, instead of the world of relationships. 

There's no matter that can't be solved by compassion. Assad doesn't need biochemical weapons---he needs a moral legislature. The same applies for the police that condemn black men, and Trump's administration. 

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