The Critique: "War on Coal" in America

SO...there are certain patriotic phrases that are worth remarking on. 

One of them is the promise made by the oval office on what it's like to remove the "war on coal" in America. 

First of all, what war is there?
Past administrations had their ideals in place for a cleaner energy initiative. However, how is that a "war" on a product that does no good for the climate?

You can't debate climate change. It's a thing and it's real. 

What you can debate on, is whether or not it's right to call cleaner energy initiatives a "war."

War technically never solves anything. So I'm assuming one would indicate that a "war on coal" never solves anything right?

The New York Times recently wrote an article on Trump's energy promises. 

He wrote about how Appalachian miners are suffering unemployment and ill health because of reforms that haven't taken place. The bright side, is that alternative energy has increased in the market economy. 

There's no solution to how to fix the plight of Appalachian miners or bring a positive revolution

There's no war, there's a revolution. 

If telecommunications can change from developing rotary phones to iPhones, then that is a revolution. 

The same applies to cleaner energies. If we can change the status quo from coal to alternative energies, then isn't that a revolution?

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