Philoso #47: 5 Fluid Ways to Have the Best Conversations

Fluidity in conversations is like how water traverses without apprehension. 

We need more of that in society.

Since texting was developed society has closed itself when it comes to personal conversations. There's more of click-clacking and thinking, rather than talking and thinking. Conversations develop us as social mammals. With text and social media, the gap of having an emotionally intelligent society, is kind of dumbing down. 

What's the solution for us to develop as an intelligent society?

Here are five ways you can create more meaningful conversations:

Have transparency in your topic. Did you ever come across someone and he/she was so reserved you couldn't continue the conversation? 
Share details that encompass the whole topic or event. For example, if I talk about what shoes I love---you have to talk about why and how you came to love them. Maybe it's beneficial for someone else? You never know unless you branch out your thoughts. 

Think of yourself as a positive person while you speak. If you create a guideline in your head, about how you want to embrace positivity, you'll end up achieving it. Belief has been studied time and time again, and this mechanism works wonders. 
Also, positivity is contagious. 

Speak with passion and confidence. If you sound dull and lack confidence, the other person won't see you as someone worthy of tagging along. Confident people (as seen in politics and media) all have that "hutz-pah" that generates the energy for mass momentum. Shake someone's hand with audacity, speak with control of your mind, and keep improving. 

Remove vanity. 
I know that Kim Kardashian is a popular subject but it doesn't mean that she's the way to build trust with someone else. Today's media culture has so much influence on how we think and speak, that it contributes to how we're dumbing ourselves down. Society needs to have more introspection, no matter what type of people compose of it. If we don't ask why, what, or how, then topics like the new Yeezy's will flourish more than meaningful things. 

Be Open to Intellectuality.
Simply because one person is intellectual, doesn't mean you should shove them off. This happens more often than you think, because American culture doesn't really push on intellectual personalities. I've personally seen so many people who consider this type of personality as "boring," when in reality it's just a person who is mindful of their life. Real culture---like in France, Britain, or other countries establish openness and the need for mindfulness. 
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