What Should Change in 2018?

New Year's Eve is like every incoming year. 
However, 2017 shook the world in ways that were unimaginable.
Now, in the new year, when resolutions and progresses are favored, what should we do for massive change?

First step is to know the the world around you. Without knowing what events are happening, and where your opinion lies on certain topics, initiatives won't be fulfilled. 

Second, is to understand your say and mind are crucial in the status quo. Countries won't function without ideals, and certainly won't function without the individual. 

Third, let go of fears that inhibit you. If Trump is president, don't be afraid to say that he should be impeached. If you find that congress is being unfair right now (ahem...the tax cut for the 1%), then by all means voice your opinion. Right now, our democracy is at stake since the middle class is being taken for granted. 

The fourth step, is to be adventurous and open minded. Learn about other cultures and how they differ from wherever you are. It's one of the easiest ways to analyze society and build a positive community. 

The last and fifth step, is to be compassionate. His Holiness, Dalai Lama, always says that compassion creates a more humanly world. Considering 2017 was filled with inhumane acts like the Libyan slave trade (and is still continuing), compassion makes us give respect to everyone's existence, regardless of who they are. 
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