Philoso #46: Why We SHOULD Get Rid of Messy Politics

FLYNN is the theme of this post.
Lately you've read that Flynn lied to Vice President Pence and the FBI. He actually had secret conversations with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak.

Why he lied, is something that many people don't know. 
All that I can infer, is that the Trump administration is losing its grip on reality, and deterring trust from the public.

Trump continuously and outwardly says things that are un-presidential. It's not just his nature, its his mentality as well (alongside how it impacts his choices). 

The mentality is known as: messy politics. 
Politics...Messy Politics
Politics that have no shame, have endless loops, and confuse the nation is exactly what Trump and his administration have embraced. 
People often say that government is "supposed" to have messy politics.

An administration is defined by the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) as 
"The action of executing or dispensing justice."

However, since Flynn is a particularly good example of how he contradicts the actual purpose of an administration, we can all agree that messy politics have to go.

What good does a disorganized system of mental war do in the world? Wasn't a government designed so that it effectively organize the nation? 

From former president Bush's plan to invade Iraq, to bashing down former president Obama because of his race, messy politics have done nothing but feed negativity in our government. 

Then politicians ask, why is the public so discontent with us? Why is the nation divided?

It's because of how two people perceive and deal with each other. Since messy politics invites hatred and manipulation, the nation sees it as a great example to apply it in daily life. More importantly, it's a valid excuse to be involved in extremism. 

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