The Critique: Human Cruelty---Libyan Live Human Auction

Everyday you hear stories about the maltreatment of humans. 

Whether its about human slaves or dictatorship, the news always highlights such terrifying events.

However, why does this continue to happen?

If you read lately on CNN, there was protest against the Libyan embassy in regards to the Libyan human auctions that have been happening. 

Innocent people are taken in, and sold for labor. The rest of the journey consists of being beaten no matter what the person is working on. 

Life is not meant to be held by someone's power in order to be manipulated. 

Yet, in history, there's always some case of maltreatment. 

This happens due to many instances. The most major ones being poverty, having power, feeling like one has a lack of a meaningful life, political tensions, wealth gap, etc.

Humans need to realize that holding someone under their power doesn't do good for either of the individuals. 

We as humans are meant to be free to flourish. Yes, there are many societal problems going on right now. However, that doesn't mean things are unsolvable. There needs to be a social setting where humans aren't hesitant to be themselves, and where we most importantly-- care for one another. 

Caring has to do a great deal with how a person develops. Without some affection, society ends up cold and hostile towards other people. 

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