Philoso #45: Loneliness and America---An Epidemic

~This dinosaur is not happy, no matter who says the exact opposite~

 Barack Obama once wrote in his book, Dreams of my Father, that American culture compared to his Kenyan culture, had a sense of societal isolation. The interdependence he found in Kenyan culture, made him conclude something that perplexed him for years. 

The "loneliness epidemic" is something that many people have pointed out in America.

I hear from Indian aunties, about how they feel super lonely when they come from India to the United States. Their observation isn't wrong. "Loneliness" is something perpetuated across the nation.

It's why you see old people saying that the current generation, or even previous generation, doesn't talk to them as often. Sometimes it's because of how fast life has moved for the workforce. On the other hand, simple respect and willingness to be social has simmered down.

The respect and willingness to initiate social events is all because of how we extensively rely on technology.
We cope with our lonely selves through Snapchat, twitter, Instagram, and notoriously--- Facebook.

When we think about others line, more than we do in person, we're glued to living in a digital world.
Where did meaningful relationships go?

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, people who have more meaningful, deep connections, are 50 percent more likely to outlive others, who don't have close connections.
In fact, the number of having zero close friends has tripled since the 90s.

The feelings that most people question are: "why doesn't anybody initiate the conversation" or "why doesn't anybody care about me?"

I've recently had some dark days where I asked myself these questions repeatedly.
Right when I had a positive day, I realized that these questions alluded to something potentially alarming.

Chronic loneliness is an actual condition. It can lead to several things, like depression and even anxiety.

The other thing that made me upset, was how some people only keep connections for selfish purposes. Whether it be academic, monetary, or anything where the other person gets what they want ---people only come to communicate for sole purposes.

I felt like the world started to lack in empathy and understanding.

So what's the solution for this extreme loneliness?

Wait for my next post on all the solutions to bringing harmony for social human beings....

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