Dalai Lama Post #18: How to Solve the Loneliness Epidemic in America

Dalai Lama is notable for speaking the clear truth about certain topics. One of his recent tweets is how we as social mammals, need more connection to build a better community--- one without isolation amongst each other. 
Friends are essential in our daily lives, but not the kind that judges you off of first sight or simply communicates small talk. We need friends that build a trust among each other. Otherwise we wouldn't be carefree and would have tread stealthily in order for no secret or upcoming plans to be leaked. 
That's a terrible environment to be in.
However, I've noticed that this trend in being stealthy is increasing. We have more people with chronic loneliness than ever before.  It's frightening how the rate of people who don't have close friends has tripled since the last century. 
Chronic loneliness, is ofter triggered by a small society that doesn't allow inclusion. The U.S has this major epidemic because, based off of other findings, and my own, there is an increase in vanity and decrease in trust. 

The Dalai Lama is highly accurate, as he says that "trust grows when we show real concern for others' well-being." Indeed it does, because if we continue to be non-empathetic, then what happens, is we create more violence, more hatred, and all things that are non-humanly. 
To say as a human being that "I CARE FOR YOU!" is a big step in the name of ethics. 

So the steps to solving the loneliness epidemic:

  1. Remind people what close friendship means
  2. Be empathetic and build trust (you set the example)
  3. Create a society where you're open to others and vice versa
  4. Start creating an ethics revolution with the steps above
It all starts with changing how you operate for the better, and ultimately things catch on. 
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