5 Surprising Facts About College

Carrying the load of stress....

College is a huge priority for many Americans. 
If you come across elite high schools in the U.S, they fight for their seat as if it's the Hunger Games.

Well, I'm a Freshman, and I can clearly tell you that there are many misconceptions about college. 

Here's ten facts about college you might not hear directly from someone else:

1) It's more stress than many people imagine

College is about learning the real fast paced part of life. It's where you get to broaden your mind, but also learn about society without your parents behind your back. The load of coursework and pressure to get the right number of credits becomes a challenge for many. Not to mention, the cost is rising due to our current economic situation and political frustrations. 

2) You will find unhelpful and jaded people

Some people are raised in a way where they are either super competitive, or completely unenthusiastic about their life. College can create some monotony if the campus doesn't have a life. It can become really hard to find people who can guide you well when you need. Especially jerks who say that they can't teach well (that's an excuse, not a real thing).

3) State schools are not as affordable as people think

I'm in a state school, and can tell you, that if people struggle with loans after going to ivies, then people also struggle with loans going to state schools. The struggle is common. Often times you will find state schools that don't have an atmosphere of hope because they tend to remorse after any failures they came across in high school (*college rejections*). It can create a terrible environment with the amount of baggage both financially and emotionally. 

4) APs are God's way of determining your intelligence (*sarcasm*)

Advanced Placement courses do not teach you anything when it comes to how to study and how to achieve excellence. In honest reality, it's bullish***t. Although high school students are judged by how well they perform, college curriculums are far different. Yes, it's true that things are fast paced. However, one becomes naturally accustomed to the timing no matter whether you've taken APs or not. In college, many students take tutoring and supplemental resources to know they can achieve things smarter--- not harder. No matter whether it's an ivy student or a state school student, college is always hard. If someone has taken APs, it doesn't mean they're more likely to succeed. 

NOTE: If people brush up on you, and say they work faster--- see them in a year or two. They'll be drowning sometimes just like everyone else. 

5) Choose a school with a really good program for your major of interest

Do not go to a school just because it's an ivy or your "safety" school. Apply to schools that have a solid program for your major of interest or for a particular track. Many people commit this mistake, and then regret it if they can't transfer somewhere else on time. 

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