Philoso #44: Narcissism and Why It's Terrible

A lone perception. Narcissism is where only the leaf exists. #terriblehumor

It's terrible.
There's no stranger world than a world where the person only admires and understands himself/herself. 

We have global issues, sometimes even disastrous ones. However, narcissistic people just seems to say, "so what?"

They're obsessed with their strengths. 

According to science, if you see someone who takes a lot of selfies (sometimes consistent) in their phone or instagram, you can call the shots for narcissism. 

Narcissism is slightly different from being self centered. Despite being relatives of one another, self centered-ness often includes many instances of placing the person as the most important thing in a crowd and considering one's life affairs more important than another. Self centered people can still be empathetic. They also openly brag about themselves when feeling neglected. 

Narcissism runs on a similar track. However, it's the thought process that differs. 

Narcissism involves more of a cynical and un-empathetic nature. Psychology emphasizes physical appearance and vanity as core aspects of this nature. Narcissistic people usually fake being empathetic, as manipulation also becomes a part of their ideas. 

Narcissism appears like the worst trait when two people confront each other. The reason is because self centered people will still think twice or even change some habits, however, narcissistic people immediately dismiss any criticism-- usually that is constructive. 

The whole universe is filled with people. Yet, narcissistic people will render themselves as the only person that should exist. (Sounds familiar? Think of past dictatorships!)

 We don't need such a mentality. 

The world continues to break down in many ways, even with glimpses of positivity.

It's terrible to see how narcissistic people live. They create a whole other perception---a whole other reality that doesn't make sense. 

I have met a few narcissistic people, and lets just say, they DRIVE ME NUTS!

Empathy is highly needed in several aspects of life. If I meet someone who doesn't even care that empathy exists as an idea, I just mentally get lost. 

Material change can only happen with people who understand ideas for the greater good.

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