Philoso #43: Why We Need Global Education Reform

In a day and age where success matters a lot, we tend to disregard excellence on a huge level. As human beings, with a growing population, most of our minds think about one thing: money and career. 

We are starting derail off of what is genuinely needed--- a conscious and leadership skills. 

This video above shows a girl in China who is depressed and about to commit suicide. She stands at the top of a building. Her teacher is dissuading her from jumping, and her family is equally helping. 

However, before she jumps off, the teacher grabs her and saves her from falling. 

The story ended for the better, however, there's a dark message behind what happened. 

Asian countries, like Korea, China, Japan, India, and probably others are starting to pressurize kids so much that they end up feeling like failures later on. 

In China, if kids don't perform to get into a certain school, their parents suffer. The system totally disregards individuality and creativity. In general, there are many people who are brilliant and still do terribly on exams. It doesn't mean they're failures. 

There's no emphasis on thought. it's about success and rote memorization. Such systems need the humanities. That's why even though there are flaws in the U.S education system, including liberal arts has been a reform in the process here. Liberal arts, especially writing and debating, enhance critical thinking.

Math and science are not the only modes of genius. 

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