The Critique: Dreams Of My Father by Barack Obama

I don't praise people until I find something praiseworthy. 
I'm the kind of person that learns from others, to build insight and wisdom. 

I've been wanting to read Dreams from My Father for a long...long... time. 

When I had the time to read it, I was psyched!

The narrative starts out slightly slow. He tries to give a picture into his life, and it's really different compared to other people. 

In America, there is a certain culture, to not explore the world. For example, Americans of Indian descent won't consider Desi culture a positive thing and will completely leave their culture behind. 

Obama is one of those people, that doesn't detach from culture. He starts off with his mother's history. It shows how she wanted to branch out in her life with the study of anthropology and yet, at that time, she struggled with several jobs. 

She's a key existence in Obama's life. A strong minded lady, that shaped Obama into being a visionary. 

Keep in mind, he was quite nonchalant and immature in many ways. However, his mother's teachings and eye-opening events changed his life perspective. 

Community service changed him as well. Obama realized harsh realities many south-side Chicagoans faced. 

One other thing I realized is that his economic disparity from others taught him to be assertive. Growing up in school with a non-rich background is something I connect with. You realize that other people still face problems despite having a ton of moo-la. 

I guess the main turning point in Obama's life is travelling in Kenya. He makes a statement I completely agree with, based off of personal experience. When he first landed, he felt a sense of home. He would mention there wasn't anybody to butcher is name or misunderstand his background. Once an Obama, is a notable Obama, where his family resided. 
He felt a sense of interdependence. Obama explained that he often sensed isolation between people in the States. In Kenya, most people are treated like your family. No one sends their grandparents to old age homes. A community truly develops by going through life's struggles. 

I also loved the fact, that Obama knew his food. I never knew that Kenyan cuisine was so strikingly similar to Indian cuisine. 

It's a small world after all.  
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