The Critique: Fareed Zakaria's Latest Commentary---Free Discourse


Zakaria's commentary is often fascinating. I believe that he's one of those types journalists that care about views and how to dissect them. 

However, in the entire discussion of free discourse and hate speech, and the liberalism of listening to conservative views, one major point is missing. 

I agree, that the self righteousness of considering oneself morally superior is a recent trend. 

Walking out of a commencement at Notre Dame and booing secretary DeVos is making the hatred of conservatives ever so growing. 

However, there needs to be a bright line. 

Don't people like DeVos and Pence have a tolerance towards ideals that have moral values?

The question is: liberals can take a whole new direction of listening to conservative views, but will those who are conservative listen to liberals?

It all comes down to who listens to who, and who reforms from understanding. 

We can't make one other side understand something if they are adamant with their views. 

Zakaria is not hitting upon the one aspect of how we both have to be willing to understand  in order to reach a consensus. 

If DeVos is being booed at a commencement, then she should learn from the outcry of those individuals who are booing. 

Both liberals and conservatives have to understand how to engage in free discourse and reach a conclusions with limited arguments. 

Honestly, molding another person's mind is not at the hands of an individual. 

However, liberals first need to make the discussion of conservative and liberal ideas open, so that a sort of debate happens. 

In the debate, ideals need to be thrown around. 

Liberals need to consider their approach in a way where they make common sense out of what is morally wrong and right. 

Conservatives need to listen with the intent to understand--- not with the intent to reply (which is not listening at all). 

Then conservatives need to portray what they think, and dissect views from both sides. 

America is losing tolerance because a vast majority is clueless and staunch in knowing what is wrong and right. 

Extremism doesn't solve anything. 

In fact, the more extremism develops, the more America would creating a new type of terrorism--- a mix of intolerance towards ideals and white supremacy. 

Doesn't that already sound familiar--- in a distant country?

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