The Critique: Flaws of the AP (Advanced Placement) Education System

AP exam season is in two weeks, and I thought reflection is necessary.

I'm a firm believer in how education has to be remolded and numbers shouldn't be the end-all-be-all.

However, the AP system is notorious for producing students that only care about numbers.

Let's break this down. I bet all AP students reading this would be so pleased to see this scrutinized. I can only talk about a few courses and give analysis, but it overlaps to other classes as well.

1) The AP biology experience: I dreaded seeing this class progress throughout the year. First, the curriculum is horribly extended when teacher say they teach beyond the course enlisted by the college board. The only thing that is spewed by the teacher is facts, facts, facts. There's no room to explore creativity or think about how to deduce a question. In fact, there is so much information, that sleep deprivation kills students. Once that happens, how can anyone think creatively with a groggy mind? Thus the opportunity cost of real learning via creativity is gone.
Ask any Yale or Harvard professor, and they'll tell you that real science happens when you perform science. 

2) The AP hype: students think if they max out on APs and exhaust themselves, then they are superior than anyone else--- period. This idea is the most utter B.S, I have ever heard. You'll be surprised, but this phenomenon happens all the time. However, it lacks so much intrinsic value about people and how they operate. 
You can exhaust yourself, but then how would you flourish yourself? Where's the personality and down-to-earthness that people admire? 

I guess the main question is: 
How do you become a real leader?

3) AP vs Non AP: students also think that if another student doesn't take an AP class then they're completely incompetent. 

Stop right there. 

You can be equally intelligent, and still take a non AP course.  

In addition, the other argument is how "I can't be challenged without taking APs" or "non AP courses are too easy."

That's not true at all. Many teachers have the freedom of structuring how they want to proceed with the course material. It varies how though they can be. 

However, if one really wants to be challenged, then one should look forward to a class that is thought provoking. Challenge doesn't mean dying in a class from stress and sleep deprivation. 

Challenge means deeply thought provoking. 

4) APs for those with disabilities: if you have a physical disability then it will be horrible to race yourself through a system that requires stamina. Very few teachers would be considerate and empathize with you. 

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