American Societal Flaws: Technology and Behavior

I've been seeing a phenomenon happening that I think I was late in noticing.

Our lives are being consumed by technology. 

It's not the conventional type of being consumed by technology where we can Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram once or twice a day. 

It's the type, where human connection and conversations lack intelligence. Where, we as human beings, cannot express our feelings nor understand what the person is going through.

Empathy is losing between two individuals. Narcissim and superficiality is winning.

I've begun noticing that those who use social media more (in terms of selfies and other things), can't face people who want to engage in intellectual conversations. 

Another thing, is that if someone is troubled, or in pain, people will tend to realize things later than ever. They'll question "what's happening," but they won't ever give a hint of support.

Who knows if such people don't care, or at least want attention for themselves. The narcissim is real.

There's a reason behind all of this. The more we get into seeing people on a screen, the less we use our emotional intellgience to figure out situations.


Our brains aren't as stimulated to think while scrolling on instagram, compared to when we think in the present. 
Heck, it's boring anyway.

One other situations I've experienced, is that while walking, using a phone is much more of a prefered  action, than actually seeing people. One can walk across the street while looking at their small screen. I wonder what could be so important, that one wouldn't want to talk to a fellow neighbor. 

American society, considering that I'm a part of it, is allowing way too much infiltration of technology. We all claim that it's a way to be connected with those who are far away, however, our use, levels a notch higher when it comes to what we desire.

Superficiality is one thing. When people constantly upload photos of themselves, they let the internet control our feelings by the number of likes and comments. When we hang around a couple people, we rather use our phones with them. 
What happens to the engaging part? Is it left out of the equation?

Alike many other societies, the American society often flocks after vanity. 
Using phones to take constant redundant photos of ourselves is a way to show what we have. 
It's not a way to show what we can give.  

I appreciate the Facebook pages that show community service being done from genuine organizations. 
I appreciate pages like +Humans of New York that inspire people with true stories. 
What I don't appreciate are all the negative impacts from overconsumption. 

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