Philoso #42: The Affect---Domination Versus Leadership

This week, commentary on executive orders has been flowing in and filling up my facebook news feed.
Day after day, something new is being banned or unlawfully allowed.

I get it, it's the new administration at work--conveying its malignant narcisism. 

However, the most interesting thing about the executive orders, is how everyone is ordering a copy of George Orwell's novel 1984

People are so terrified, that they look to Orwell's prophetic novel for answers. Some also analyze Hitler's regime to prepare for future devastation.

First, y'all have to stop living in fear. We all know that the alternation of facts by the government is horrendous, but with common sense, that barrier can be broken.

We must not succumb to the unusual preposition set by false ideas and facts. Otherwise, the population's suffering will be greater.

You see, this is what dominancy does in real life. It injects fear into individuals, making them think as if they have no autonomy for themselves. 
Y'all have autonomy. The constitution proclaims it. Despite having discrepancies in the past with civil rights, we have come a long way. Faith, hope, and determination is what sets the status quo in a a much more positive track.

So when you know the individual has all capabilities meant for change, do you stop? Do you give up?

Absolutely not. Lets talk about leadership.   +Giphy 

The affect of leadership is what unites people to ban their fears and take a step forward. 
Leadership is what brings the best out of individuals. Dictatorship does not.
Domination makes the individual carry a burden that is not necessary to carry.

Leadership is what allows the individual to take pride in what they sacrifice or develop in real life.

Without bias, I can even proclaim that former President Obama's general approach to solvency is a platform for leadership. He didn't care about personal views. He cared about the magnitude of change and the serving the people by being personal. 

Leadership gives hope to the individual across from you. It's the positive ideal that everyone should encompass. Without true leadership, the fear that the population lives under today because of Trump is the result of pure domination. 

In such times, leadership should be built to create a more positive environment. 

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