Syria Is The World's Biggest Issue Right Now

I have seen torture and red streets in pictures. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in the trauma of being closer to losing your life. I have seen countless children and journalists declare on twitter that they are on the verge of giving up.

It's six years and counting, and this war is unlike any other. Simply because, war, in its name, is the ideal for destruction. Nothing will be solved by the Syrian civil war. Instead, the result will be in a lost generation. Is Mao's lost red ribbon generation not remembered? Is Hitler's Holocaust not remembered? 

They were dictators. Assad's regime is a dictatorship, where the lives of the public don't matter WHATSOEVER. 

Recently Asad spoke in an interview with a Cardinal. He still thinks that surrounding the outskirts of Aleppo is the only way the rebels will be defeated. Your country has already been defeated. Lives aren't preserved, and more importantly, Asad doesn't deserve the title of a president or leader. 

The plight of the people is more than rough. It's a devastation of human innovation and prosperity.
Recently, the UN diplomat of the U.S questioned in despair if the Syrian, Iranian, and Russian governments had any conscientiousness at all. Is there really no shame?

The innocence behind civilians is what creates a antipathy among leaders who look at personal gain. Why should you crush rebels at the price of priceless lives? The impact of preserving lives outweighs, as innovation and strength in unity is what moves generations forward.  

The worst part is, is when we say that a generation is being ruined, the word ruined is an understatement. The very same children will come back one day, as unemotional and traumatized individuals. Simply because, the world didn't take a high stance to remold certain government. 
Then who will the people blame terorism on? Isolated individuals?

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