Top 2 Important Current Events

There is so much talk about the Trump presidency, that I was highly fed up with it.
This country's economy and policies are at stake, but fearing fear itself will mean defeat.

Here are some major current issues that are worth paying attention to instead:

  1. Standing Rock
    1. Standing rock has been an under-rated issue in this country. Doesn't anyone seee how police are water hosing people in sub-zero temperatures? It is insane to see that our government suppressing Native Americans just like how our country's ancestors had suppressed them in the same way. All of this violence is being demonstrated for materialism--- including land and oil. The water's cleanliness is also at stake! I can't believe certain people are mindless in perceiving how the land is also a burial and meaningful place for Native American tribes. 
    2. Thanksgiving is being celebrated across the country. However, Native Americans protest how this day reminds them of all the torture their ancestors went through. I don't understand why such holidays exist (excluding the fact that families come together at this time). A reform has to be made in how we remember our ancestors and credit Native American tribes for their bravery. +Bec Young 
  2. Aleppo's Message
    1. Here's the latest on CNN about Syria. Syrians are using twitter to broadcast their daily lives and portray the immense pressure. Everyday children witness bombs and airstrikes. They don't have many resources and ways to retreat from the violence. What have the countries's governments been doing, is a question on many people's minds. I myself am perplexed by this baseless war. At this point, many people don't understand who's fighting who and why. 
    2. Over 500, 000 people have died in the last six years. We learn about the war but people are unempathetic towards those who are suffering. Russia and syria are out of their mind.  The UN and USA need solvency to prevent further damage. Otherwise, Syria won't remain a country anymore.
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