Positivity is Essential to Running Our Democracy

I haven't written a post in a long time, simply due to having a ton of workload, and Trump has been in the news too much lately.

Everyone is worried about how they will survive--- specially because after Bush's failed administration, the public doesn't trust the government. 

Recession, tension, monetary loss, and other words can describe a solemn time where individuals don't want to suffer again. 

More than that, Trump has big plans for minorities and foreign policies. 
However, President Obama's right on one thing--- without positivity our democracy can't run.
It's hard to say to give Trump a chance, but, we have no chance.
(This GIF up here is the negativity we have to get out of)

Many people say the uneducated majority of the U.S has failed us (yes, those who are white and haven't gone to college). However, that doesn't mean situations can't improve. 

Note: I'm not attacking whites who haven't gone to college, but during the election, Michigan won the popular vote for Trump and logistics prove it was that majority who voted in several counties. 

Without understanding who in Congress and Senate advocate for Trump it is unreasonable to jump to conclusions.
This point is the main reason why I state that having positivity is essential for our democratic processes to keep moving forward.

The more we get stuck in how Trump thinks, the more backward this country will become. 
Yes, many rights are threatened. Muslims, blacks, other minorities, and women are terrified of how certain laws will be prominent. 

The more the media exaggerates problems with Trump, the more this country will fail to believe in a system. Back in 2000, Al Gore was scrutinized so much against Bush, and it turned out that the media  was biased. How did the vote end up being? Bush won the electoral vote by a small bit. The media influences our lives, and few people understand that right now.

Before I wrote this post, I went on +CNN's website. Most of the articles were about Trump's plans and his fallacies. Isn't anyone concerned about Flint's water crisis or the pipeline in North Dakota or even the baseless war in Syria? 

People are becoming more superficial these days-- where looks and charm matter more than substance. I have been seeing this so much, it disappoints me.

Where are our values and optimism? Is spirituality so bad, that we turn away from it?

You all call the shots. Remember, the nation's mindset has to change. 
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