Philoso #41: Women in Leadership Develop Generations

When the whole nation is encompassed by the Trump vs. Clinton debate, I sought to talk about one of the most controversial topics: women in leadership.  

Why is it controversial? Well, let's just say, some people prefer to live in the 16th century, when women were only battered down. They had no hope of developing themselves.

Today, the world has learned a solid chunk of how that's hopeless. Women deserve more.
Don't take my word, take +Paul Ryan's word, on how women should be championed and revered.
Yes, the Republican party's word isn't the greatest, but this statement is true.

Women are needed in major work force positions.

There's a simple reason why. Cognitively, women have more complexity, and do have the capacity to multitask. Haven't y'all seen your mothers juggle everything and still manage to look beautiful?
That's called magic.

On a more serious note, women do take their jobs on a more moral and conscious level. Every human being does commit mistakes, and no single gender is excluded. However, consider representatives like Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, and older geniuses like Ada Lovelace.
Leadership is defined in how they master themselves in their positions. Unfortunately, 62 million girls in this world don't have that opportunity.

I have seen live examples of how women aren't uplifted into a solid career. People often think that marriage is a keen solution if one doesn't want to build a career seriously. When it also comes to encouraging girls, they are suppressed, with the notion of being talentless.

I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable. Leaders who have different solutions and modes of thinking can contribute to a nation's prosperity in the world. It's not just a way of being happy-go-lucky, it's the damn truth. 

Think about your existence, and understand, that without women, this world wouldn't flourish. 

NOTE: This post is not discriminating men at all costs. What I've written is about under-representation and dehumanization. 
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