The Critique: Hate Crimes and Racism

It destroys families, and involves a TON of ignorance. 

After the 9/11 attacks, prejudice against Muslims, and anyone wearing a turban, has spiked. 
Over all, majority of America has sunken into a deep well of ignorance.
A sad reality. 

Sikhs are completely different. While religions do interrelate on peace and formality, the way of practicing differs. Also, those that were terrorists in the attacks, called themselves Muslims, but were not actually Muslims. Real Muslims do not commit hate crimes, and are strict on the path of good deeds.
+IISuperwomanII +HumbleThe Poet 
Sikhs are warriors for the greater good of humanity. They wear a turban in respect to Guru Nanak Ji and Guru Granth Sahib Ji's teachings about self-realization. Sikhs are a part of India and several places, and are highly respected in countries besides the west.

Yes, that may be an extreme point, but it is proven. The American public is like a child that believes extreme concepts. There's no basis and no logical approach to hate crimes.

When someone wears a turban, a person yells "terrorist, Osama! Get him!" and ultimately results in harming someone innocent and non-related.

How did people start this nuisance? I can't believe that 60% of Americans don't know what Sikhs or Sikhism is. That is more than half of the population. Shame. I thought you all learned better in high school and college. What did they learn from their families?
This isn't the first time I've seen ignorance in American culture. Many people get names, cultures, ideas, and a bunch of stuff assumed wrong. +Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America in 2014. There was so much hate over the internet, it was unbelievable. Throughout twitter, everyone called her "Saudi-Arabian" when she is clearly Indian. Why does hate and hate crime exist? People are forgetting to respect each other's existence.

Those who shoot and injure Sikhs don't understand how their families are affected. Hate crime increases fear of living in this country of opportunity. Soon, children don't want to follow Sikh principles, and would want to lose their identity and heritage.
Nobody should do that.

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