Philoso #40: Unreasonability Versus Diplomacy

This blog is based on experiences that come from my daily life. 
I sought to understand why unreasonable people don't listen to diplomacy. 
You see, as per the Bhagavad Gita (no imposition of religion here), unreasonable people suffer grief and don't comprehend life well.

The mentality is true fact, and can only lead to destruction if not taken care of. 
Definitely, there is no one side that doesn't committ any mistake. Both sides are equal, however, if one of the sides defies any accusations, then that shows the unreasonability.

Unreasonability derives from a notion of being on top of the world. That being said, it doesn't have to relate to ego, as much as it sounds like it does.

Being unreasonable does not solely mean being angry, it means to control the entire situation when you know you are incapable of doing so.

Diplomacy is a great solution. There's no bloodshed or extremism involved. However, it is essential to master the art of diplomacy as humans are not wired to understand it. Humans have an explicit history of understanding barbarism and war. We have failed many times to understand that humans are one. 

Diplomacy is an idea that unreasonable people cannot wrap their minds around. The reason is, is that there's a flow and rush of anger that conquers the unreasonable person's mind to sit and organize their thoughts. 

I love this quote. I know a person who practices exactly what is mentioned above. She becomes feared by those who are unreasonable, as it may come by surprise to people how someone can be conscientiousness. 

If someone confronts an unreasonable mind, be prepared to be grounded and talk on an understanding human level. High-headedness is an invalid technique. 

Sooner or later, the one who's being irrational will stop defending themselves. Diplomacy does not break the barrier immediately. There's a notch of lava that needs to be cooled down first. 

Slowly, the irrational being will come to his/her senses about what is right and wrong. Don't expect them to be direct. Give them time to come to the level of cooling down, otherwise all your efforts are wasted.

Making sure that the other person knows you are understanding will melt them. However, if the other person does not come to this point, then it is a result of a horrendously flawed character. 
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