Tribute to President Obama: the Productivity of America

On August 4th, +President Barack Obama will be celebrating his last birthday in the +The White House.

I thought, as a tribute for his hard-work, why not dedicate a post to him and his wife?
So here it is:
There are some facts about his presidency as well as his personality, that have resulted from getting America out of the worst recession since the great depression.
Consider the following:

  1. We have now had 75 months of economic productivity and prosperity
  2. Unemployment rate has had a whooping drop from 10.1% in October of 2009 to 4.9% as of June
  3. Marriage equality has been legally passed
  4. Federal spending has been scrutinized to the extent that only 3.3% is spent annually
  5. The Affordable Care Act has given insurance access to more than 18 million

The country is not crumbling apart, thankfully due to all of these actions.
If it were not the decisive planning and intellectual personality of Mr. President, the country would have never been able to make a fast recovery.
Who said that personal faith and determination were not important? The results are evident and undisputed.

On to Michelle Obama:

I'm impressed that as first lady, she could manage so many things. Her children, herself, and her husband. More importantly, her philosophy as to how you can benefit society is quite thought provoking. One doesn't have to be president to help humanity. She understands that the politics involved is very toxic. Leading a nation through rough times includes toxicity. President Obama has faced extreme toxicity from the opposing party. It's highly unnecessary. FLOTUS definitely knows that education and proper mindset are key to developing society in the right direction. Her take on women's natural rights is displayed in this great speech:

You may not agree entirely with every policy, however, a thank you is a must. 
It makes anyone's birthday memorable. 

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