The Critique: Syrian Unrest Must End

Syria is a country full of culture, and it's being demolished with so much rubble, war, and hate. +BBC News +BBC World News +BBC World Have Your Say 

The economy is close to nothing, and politics has proved its negativity. 

Syrian unrest must end, and here are the following reasons why:
  1. Civil war snatches opportunities for generations to grow. You won't find children with positive childhood experiences. The trauma is very hard to compete with.
  2. Destruction leads to no economic prosperity. As in this picture above, how will people develop their lives with nothing to spare?
  3. War creates terrorists. Zero economic and intellectual opportunities, lead to citizens revolting and terrorism arising. Who wants more unrest, when war can be stopped and situations can be controlled?
  4. Dictatorship ruins peace. Assad's regime, Hezbollah, and Shiite militants have spoiled everything. If war was understood seriously, then pictures of injured and dead children would not be surfacing the internet. There were so many protests prior to the war, and Assad barely listened to the complaints. No wonder rebel forces took over. 
  5. One ideal and theology is not going to take over any part of the world. Those who shared extreme islamic ideals have more interest in this war than anyone else. Why are these extremists the only people who want hegemony? They don't think straight at all.
    I am shocked that people aren't taking a stance against such a horrible situation. I am also shocked that those who are fighting don't realize how humanity is at stake. 

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