Why The GOP Should NOT Defend Melania Trump

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First, of all he's not ready. 
This is no hate article, just a commentary of truth.

Trump has the most unclear campaign, and only promotes a show.
Consider the following:
  1. His campaign doesn't have a defined plan of how he will make "America Great Again!" Do you have tax equality for all people? Do you have ideals that encompass all types of people? If you want a Muslim ban, you might as well be banned yourself. 
  2. What does he mean by America not being great? Doesn't he see all the development of ideas and infrastructure. Not to mention, the current considerate president? The GOP and Trump all over look President Obama's efforts. TRUST ME: Trump and the GOP could have never taken the U.S out of the 2008 recession. 
  3. His wife does not have an educated presence. She and her husband have claimed that she studied from the University of Slovenia. However, she dropped out in her first year after failing multiple exams. Then she continued modeling, which she has adopted herself to.
  4. Trump has backed her up due to what he sees in her (superficial ideals, of course). No wife can ever be established by Trump morally. There is always something involved with money, or ideals that won't make sense after one's death. Greed is stupidity. 

Melania has plagiarized her speech from Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech. The similarity is so tragic, that Melania's accomplishment looks like a preschooler committed a mistake. 
There's no level of sincerity, and modesty has been robbed. Not only by her, but by the whole family as well. 

The U.S stands for being a country that is open to all, advocates for all, and compromises as per the majority. How can the GOP defend something that is criticized by everyone? 

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Don't they understand how defending Melania has absolutely no solid basis? So far, I have heard trashing Hillary and simply stating that Melania "didn't do anything wrong." Since the last two decades, Republicans have been taking every statement all the way to the extreme. They are the real extremists of our present time. Republicans haven't always been this way. 

If the GOP continues to be consistently extreme, then neither will the nation benefit, and nor will the party. Backing up Melania is proving extremism. When there is fault, you are supposed to own up to it. Being "Furious" and establishing that Melania "loves her family" is all fake. 

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