Indian Societal Flaws: Education Exploration---What Lacks?

Many people argue that Asian countries have better education. 
I could argue, that you might want to look twice. 

I'll be taking about India specifically, since I recently faced a spiel about how awesome Indian education is. 

Long story short: it's not. 
I'm not a hater, it's just the truth.

I go to a decent school, where opportunities are regarded as mediums to excel.

However, despite knowing that some schools do lack in opportunities, I can argue that India doesn't have all that is takes for students to become successful.

First: Running behind Success
It's a stampede of wanna-be engineers, doctors, maybe even lawyers. They all have no heck idea about what it takes to be productive in these fields.

Students don't have an insight into what kind of engineering they want to go to. It's simply about percentages, ranking, and seats in college that can be bribed for.

Why did they all lose the importance and open-mindedness for education?

Several schools, I understand, cannot develop students due to funding. The same case applies in the U.S almost similarly.

However, nobody, and I mean NOBODY, thinks about how high school education is a platform for students to launch from.

Second: Assumptions and Beliefs
If you find any student from India in an American college, they assume that American students don't know math or science well (I have familial examples). I beg to differ: Indian students don't frequently participate in competitions such as +Intel and +Siemens. Let alone, do research over the summer. 
Again, they don't have insight into fields that American students are urged to embrace at some point. 

While I do agree that the amount of practice Indian students do is rigorous and beneficial, that's not the only part of education. There are several components to developing the mind.

These days, population increase and several other horrible characteristics are polluting everyday systems. 

There's no way that special programs like debate circuits, Model UN conferences, and more can flourish with so many domestic problems. 
There's a difference, and I find it so troubling that people in India don't realize how much potential they have. 

Third: Collectivism:

One huge flaw in the system is collective teaching and methods. Everyone is taught in one classroom, and is separated by only from what percentage each student gains. There's no choice in how to process information. There's no opportunity to be an individual with different learning standards and perspectives. With the motive of success, people are flustered in how to approach success. They lose their personality, because students are not taught how to develop their education where they realize philosophical aspects. The special programs I have mentioned above, are a major pathway to building the individual. How come, students from India cannot directly reach major businesses, and especially higher positions? Since they don't have a solid personality infrastructure, they're hit hard on the nail as to how to reach the top. 

Debate is a method of advocating for oneself. Programs, courses, and other methods can be used to make individuals more critical advocates and thinkers. 

My one advice to all Indian students: stop running after success. The percentage and grades don't give a damn to you when you reach an official job. Life is not a rat race, it is a time to learn and absorb thinking in different patterns. Excellence should be every one's goal. 

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