Dalai Lama Post #17: Universal Responsibility

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We all have seen the recent attacks in Dhaka, Turkey, and Baghdad.
What's wrong with people...jeez, I mean seriously.
ISIS has to give up on destroying the public. 

We all have the responsibility to establish humanity in the right way. One may argue what is the right way. Well, that is doing everything with consciousness as half of our lives roll on without acknowledging our truest selves. 

It's true, people cannot realize that they are a functioning human; a real animated human in this physical world.

These days, people are turning into having better appearances, more luxury, and being utterly selfish.
When are y'all going to help humanity? After you die?

We should work for the well being of society. That's what +President Obama has been doing, without expecting anything in return. He has now gained more approval of his presidency than ever before. Did one figure out how much turmoil and struggle he had to go through? Very few did. 

Humility, honesty, and dedication are concepts integrated into this world. Why not work on them?

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The most difficult job is serving humanity. There are countless of problems, ideas, and atrocities to solve amongst people. It takes guts for anyone to round society up together as one.

We will not have world peace if people don't understand the meaning of human values and existence.
In a way, religion and spirituality are mediums to develop a pure existence. 

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