The Critique: Why Bernie Sanders Should Still Fight

They say, that even the best candidates for helping the world are those who fight until their last breath.
Persistence is key.
Clinton is claiming with high hopes about her nomination. However, does she have what it takes to defeat human hypocrisy?

I fear not, because Clinton doesn't have what Sanders does. Sanders has guts despite being on the edge of losing his bid!

His guts are what attract people to his campaign. Corruption and dictating constantly about being a "woman president" is not going to get anyone far.

Yes, if Clinton became president, then she would be the first female president. However, does gender really matter when it comes to serving humanity? Or, does resilience as a part of a greater character matter when it comes to serving humanity?

Let's Ponder...

Abraham Lincoln didn't have to tackle those who favored slavery. He could have had the normal rendition of how whites are superior. However, he thought for the greater good. That greater good being how every single person regardless of race is considered a human-- not property. That's solid character!

Clinton, in contrast, does represent the indifference of how corruption eats someone. She looks tough, and also debates aggressively. Despite all what is glorified, the media proctors how she doesn't release her taxes, how she demands compensation for wall street speeches, and one truth few people look at: she took money from four kings in the world.

Wouldn't a candidate that loves diamonds and pearls start to get greedy?
Yes, everyone has flaws. Per contra, her flaws are out of bounds. 

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