Philoso #39: Why Speech Shouldn't be Curtailed

I'm not here to rant about how I am struggling in some parts of my life right now.

I'm blessed for what I have. A voice, authenticity, leadership, and all characteristics I have sought to refine. I'm not all the way there yet, despite having major improvement.

However, I have seen a recurring trend in the past year.
This trend was in previous years as well, except, I never took the time to analyze situations.

People curtail my speech, my thoughts, and most rawest emotions.

Why the Speech Center of Your Brain Shuts Down When You Talk

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I cannot claim that whatever I do is entirely accurate or thought through.
Yet, there are some aspects that I know are not as true as they seem.

Other people want to maintain some sort of supremacy, a control over your way of behaving.
One cannot be a forming individual.
Correct me if I am wrong, this is just how I see it.

There are some cases, where I write really raw and negative about situations.
However, no one is able to read in between the lines, words, and letters.

There's meaning, development, and life lessons hidden.
If I talk about how one of my acquaintances is acting up, I am understanding how there is injustice.
Another person told my family recently that we are too authoritative and demeaning.
That person doesn't even think about her own behavior.
So things don't really make sense.

Stop curtailing what other people have to say. Hear them out.
People have a tendency to continue talking. Not realizing that the more a person does that, the less they develop their social understanding.

Why are we losing our empathy?

Speech is meant to be a pathway where we unleash our agony.
What cannot be influenced by talking, can be established through the art of writing.
If someone is highly dejected, people should make the effort to understand why.

Otherwise, don't expect them to respect others.

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