The Critique: Sarabjit

When I saw the trailer of this biopic, I was wholeheartedly moved.
The story of Sarabjit Singh, was in the paper for a long, long time.
He suffered 23 years of torture from the Pakistani government.
I have never been more ashamed of humanity.

I doesn't matter if he's Indian, the attack on humanity was surreal.
Why couldn't the Pakistani government confirm that Sarabjit, did not bomb in Lahore?
The government thought he was Manjit Singh, the real bomber.
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Manjit was actually caught in Haryana, and Sarabjit's sister fought the government for more than 23 years. It was her life's mission to bring justice to her brother. 

Most of what is depicted in this movie, is quite touching and realistic.
Sarabjit was convicted of being an Indian spy, when truthfully, he was a farmer in Punjab.
He unknowingly crossed near the Indo-Pakistan border, and was captured.
I could not believe that no question was raised about his identity. 
Just because he was Indian, he was given a wrong identity. 
I am ashamed of the government's atrocity, because they never checked and took the blind eye.

Corruption in government does not only prevail in Pakistan. It is also in India as well.
One should be ashamed of both governments because everyone is ignorant. They don't know how to run their own nations succinctly. 

Sarabjit's family had to suffer unreasonably. When he was returned, an attacker sent Sarabjit into a coma. He died three years go due to malfunction of organs and other complications.

The message of Sarabjit should be spread. 
Let is be known to +Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif that if they don't mend their ways, their countries will die. 

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