Michelle Obama's College Signing Day Initiative

Recently, FLOTUS advocated college signing day in New York City.
I couldn't be prouder of the Obamas' initiative to give insight on handling education.
High school and college are mediums to grow and excel on any basis.
Along with the First Lady's advice, here are some points I usually focus upon as well.

  1. Study like you've never studied before: When Mrs. Obama mentions how hard focused she was at Princeton, there's no joke to it. Dedication, self-discipline, and maturity is needed to succeed in college. You have to go to each class, increase self-growth of personality, and learn to be academically inclined.
  2. College or high school, learn how to develop excellence: Excellence. The word has it all. Without it, the world doesn't run symmetrically. If you want to achieve grades, you will never achieve them. If you want to delve into concept, question the theory, and simply focus on what you are learning, then you are bound to receive higher than what you expected. Trust me, it is easy said than done, but in the end you will automatically come farther ahead.
  3. Keep an open and positive mind: With peer pressure, finals, and course grades, there's a chance your confidence will set back. Remember that such insecurities are futile. I used to have this insecurity strike me everyday. One day, I realized that no one is less than the other. Your positivity can lead to achieving accolades. It's just about how you roll.
  4. Understand that failure is the pathway to success: If you don't know what you have to improve on, then how will you move to your next target? Failure is what demonstrates that you tried to achieve excellence! It's a medium to embracing concepts even more, and a positive approach to academics. 
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