Dalai Lama Post: How Do You Remove Violence?

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H.H +Dalai Lama is one of those few people who realize that violence, even in its ounce, is never useful. Violence harms more than it cures. The reality of humanity as one is much more practical.

Disagreement, dissent, and disgust, can all be expressed in written or conversational ways. Although, violence is not only physical, mental and verbal abuse are significant as well.
In my family, I have come across mental and verbal abuse. I can tell you, it's not positive and quite distracting.

Children should be taught from school and home on how to sort out complications. Violence verbally and physically never solves anything because it increases the clash between two people. Try it, and you'll know how never-ending the clash is.The cycle keeps revolving and around and around. If it has to stop, it would break relationships.

Ten earthquakes can ripple on with violence, and it takes one diplomatic path to cure everything.
Take the Syrian hospital bombing that occurred recently as an example. The bombing is unreasonable. Hurting civilians is the worst crime of humanity and so many people fail to realize that. Bombings, war, and political hate, are destroying Syria.
Why can't humans live in peace with one another? Why are differences creating a gap in our mindset? Apparently, these questions have one root. 

If a country cannot establish that violence is the worst method of approaching a problem, then you might as well cry for the rest of eternity. 

Leaders, congress, regimes, and dictatorships: listen once and listen now. Your countries will shatter if you ignore diplomacy and peace.

Nobody should starts attacks on one another. Nobody should resolve to hurting people. 

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