The Critique: Obama Says You Can't Yell, But You Can Definitely Tell

Obama Says Movements Like Black Lives Matter ‘Can’t Just Keep on Yelling’

Whenever President Obama comments about domestic or foreign affairs, I am intrigued by how astonishingly accurate he is. His sense of pride, plus morality combine to form what is known as the "fiercest kind of Obama."

Right now he's in London, meeting the young generation of activists. One activist questioned how his administration didn't push force enough for racial profiling at airports. Mr. President detests such profiling, and faced the question with an extremely strong point. 

He indirectly quoted the Black Lives Matter movement. Mr. President explained how the uprising of bringing sensitive topics to light is a major accomplishment itself. The explanation resulted in shedding some light on his character as well. He focuses on bringing the situation to the table and then trying to a solution to it. Mr. President may not be perfect, but his efforts are highly commendable. Working hard to ease matters down diplomatically is not everyone's asset. His campaign and administration aim wholeheartedly for it. 

Now one may question, what's the reason behind his diplomacy? From a young age, he began working in local communities especially in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago. If anyone finds the time to read his biography, people would know that he has the courage to fight for the public and its needs. It's a spirit evoked inside of him.

All you need is a medium to speak and develop change through action. Repeating the Black Lives Matter movement won't get anyone anywhere. Although, enforcing it through higher officials and working through a solution will raise you higher than you would think. That's exactly what happened when the B.L.M activists had a private meeting with Mr. President in 2014. In the meeting, the activists felt as if their voices weren't heard. The craziest part, was when the president addressed that they are talking to him about the movement. Taking the one action needed to progress is a huge accomplishment. Otherwise, it's hard to get the ball rolling. 

This post isn't about praising Mr. President. Instead, it's to highlight his administration, work ethic, and how he is different compared to other presidents. Congress, republicans, and sadly the American public have criticized President Obama to an unnecessary extent. His hard work is definitely not equal to the criticism and deserves more appreciation. He is altruistic, and everyone should take the time to admire who he is. Mr. President came in the worst time possible-- in the 2008 recession. Picking up the country with the courage of a leader is no joke. During the meeting with the activists, he also mentioned that change takes time. It's natural to think that way, except the American public has never embraced it. Despite repeating this point multiple times, the American public as per Mr. President wants "magic underpants" to make change happen. 

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