Philoso #38: How Does it Feel to Be Disrespected

Life brings many ups and downs, and unfortunately we don't have many circumstances in our control.
It's fate, and we should definitely learn to understand the sequence of time.
Although, there is one concept I don't understand in sequence: disrespect.

Why are humans so geared towards disrespecting one another? A domino phenomenon indeed, and it's carried out ever so now and then.
This philoso is an explanation of what I have encountered along with why it's unreasonable.

I have a couple of scenarios to dwell upon. Recently, and I usually never favor inviting my family into this, but I have witnessed something troubling. It's when the leading lady of a family isn't respected. She churns and sweats all effort into building a family, but the leading man doesn't acknowledge it. Worst of all, respect isn't developed in this relationship. The leading lady is subjugated, and her maternal family as well. They are the subordinate, and without reason. This is a constant pattern I have being seeing for the past sixteen years. If you visualize the affair, there's no freedom to express one's desires. The leading lady is kept only to serve but not think.
Another personal case, is something I came across a couple months ago. This person, let's call her S, had played what I call a double standard. With me, S is different and with someone else she is the real S. S assumed that I wouldn't catch her tricks. I suggested to her about having a study group? She said that we wouldn't be able to study because of distractions. I understood her point. About five days later at an event with a couple friends, S asked another friend about studying together. That was the last day I back-tracked, and openly pointed out how wrong it is to keep a double standard. 

Disrespect is not a gesture worth anyone's time. It increases negativity, and I usually despise it when another doesn't realize how to respect others. Not only is this a message for S and the general party, it is to all those who face human impoliteness. 

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