Dalai Lama Post #16: Conflict & Conflict, Conflicts

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Have you ever wondered why adding oil to a flame creates an even bigger flame? Well that's because the flame is overwhelmed by the oil, just like how a small matter can be en-flamed to a greater conflict. So the oil and flame are both conflicts, and in the end they conflict with each other. 

That's what happens in daily life. Take a trivial problem or circumstance, and add more negativity to it, in the end you won't solve anything. You'll just make matters worse. Here H.H +Dalai Lama is spreading the word of how conflict in itself is useless. When we taunt others upon certain differences, we are increasing negativity around us-- making your personality shallow and the other person will hate you. See, the conflict just became bigger!

If you set those differences aside, what you'll get is a group of individuals who just want to make their lives worthwhile. Now isn't that a better ideology to follow compared to living in vanity?

He states that we are all the same, in the sense of making mistakes, and how we process our lives. One way or another, we do similar things, and we all have blood-- thus making humanity equal. 

Today, all world problems can be solved in a flash if we don't focus ourselves on the conflict but rather than that the solution. Take Anti-Islamism for instance: people condemn that Islam creates terrorists whereas that is not true. Instead of pin-pointing that Islam does this or that, people should focus upon how to avoid terrorism through practical matters. Of which are avoiding violence, wars, and stabilizing economies (reasons why ISIL members are frustrated), so that everyone has mental peace. Trust me, the world can be a better place if we center direction. 

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