Indian Societal Flaws: Suppression of Women

Just announcing that for a short time, I will be writing a temporary series addressing societal norms and flaws associated with this post. It's not meant to hate a society, but actually exploit what is necessary and true. Alors...

To all Indians out there, let me just be clear, this exists, and instead of blaming me for the actions of society, accept it and work on it. +Avaaz 
Every Indian women I know has been suppressed one way or another. Whether socially, in terms of household work, or basically anything related to self development. And worst of all, generations of Indian women have been subjected to follow it. There's no escape. 

There's a lot of hypocrisy involved, more hypocritical than ever-- patriarchy. Most men in India consider females incompetent or they have more force upon them. According to the International Center for Research on Women, the attitudes of Indian men have been worsening over the years. Out of a sample size, Men surveyed as least responsible for any responsible roles in a relationship. 

But despite adding statistics, I want to comment about several families including my own. I met this one family recently, and they came to the U.S from India seven years ago. The father is a research scientist and the mother is a housewife. Although I cannot deem her as a housewife, because she is not given that dignity. She is a servant. I'm sorry for using harsh words, but life is a harsh reality. Her husband works round the clock and doesn't involve as much in how their five children are progressing in school. The children work on their own, the wife cooks majority of the time, and then she feels that she alone is carrying the load. I feel bad for her. She, a woman from a village in north India, has smarts and yet cannot have the one single support of an intelligent husband. It's a shame.

Then there's my family. My paternal side of the family consists of people who didn't have the opportunity to build their insight and grow their personality. Thus, when it comes to adjusting in a new country--- in the USA, they don't know what is the true reality. They condemn my maternal side as illegitimate. I'm not being negative here, but after all the house fights, family politics, etc, I realized that their thinking was limited. My mother is suppressed. Again, I'm not hating on my paternal side, I'm defining their actions. They consider it a big deal if my mother does anything for herself. She simply has to devote to having no mind and constantly serving them. It doesn't make sense. Don't get me wrong, I respect my father, but sometimes the toll is heavy on my mother-- something I cannot bear to see after all that she has done for me.

My mother still tells me in excitement of how hard it is that extremely few people think for her benefit. It becomes disheartening, but also a motivation for me. Nearly every Indian woman I have met is suppressed. Please don't do that to such women who are brilliant and have resilience. You'd be surprised of how much agony that can consist in one person. 

Indian men and rest of society as a whole, the message is clear. Treat women fairly, equally, and support them. Don't leave them to do dirty work, and don't restrict them. 

A Witness
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