Indian Societal Flaws: How Indians Behave in Other Countries, THE ABCDs

Just announcing that for a short time, I will be writing a temporary series addressing societal norms and flaws associated with this post. It's not meant to hate a society, but actually exploit what is necessary and true. Alors...

ABCD, it's a common term between all Desi people. 
American Bannah Confused Desi. 
But what does it mean? Well, the confused Desi is turning into a spoiled American.

There is a tendency here in the U.S where Indian immigrants change themselves to become more "American." It's seriously the worst concept.
Why? Because no such person's personality is authentic, and they start downplaying other Indians. I mean, come'on, you could definitely be a thoughtful person.

And if you are inspired by your own culture, and are born in America, ABCDs then denote you an ABCD. They are some of the most confused people until date.

So many ABCDs where I live think of themselves as the upper class. High society, half-British slang, you name it. They are the elite, whereas you're just a bundle of rotten garbage.
And despite the topic being brief, I don't understand the prejudice. ABCDs want to be in Victorian England, where the wealthy class looks down upon the lower classes. The shocking factor, is that they assume Americans do the same, and in the end get rejected. 

It's all about upbringing my friends, if they teach their children to be just like how they are, it won't yield positive humans. Being American means having a unique personality to flourish, not a personality that's copied several times. 

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