The Critique: Saudi Women and the Facts of Female Life

Let's just put it out there, I am ashamed of how Saudi Arabia does not value women. All over the world, we are all ashamed of how Saudi Arabia, in particular, does not consider women equal to men. I would also like to clarify how there are other countries that are involved in the same oppression.

For years the debate on women's rights has been teeter-tottering.
I mean we should continue to subdue women and not let them out the house right?
I am utterly sarcastic.

One answer: HELL NO!
Women give birth to a world population, and the world gives back ZERO appreciation!
There is no respect for the personality, respect, and dignity of a woman anymore in this world.
+The New Yorker +The New York Times  
To say we have improved in technology, improved in infrastructure, but we have definitely not improved in thinking!
How you say? Well if men and society together upheld respecting women's dignity sincerely, there wouldn't be any rape cases.
If men considered women hard workers and pious, then cat-calling on the streets wouldn't exist.

Today we label strong women as bitches, tomorrow we'll label them as illicit.
Today if we declare feminism true, tomorrow men would say it disfavors the male population.
Feminism does not disfavor or disrespect males. Feminism approaches equal rights and value for women as society has been doing so for men. Statistic always prove how women aren't considered equal:

I alway cry at how the world cheers on for women's rights now, when they should have been received in the past. Women suffer more in this matter, especially when it comes to topics of rape, abortion, and anything that is related to the mental sanity of a female.

Why is virginity so in disfavor of females? Men in general nature have to practice more self-control. Because women don't run after men as easily as men do. This isn't a stereotype, but the actual reason why rapes and infatuation occurs. Men should not have the upper hand in such sensitive matters, and that goes for society labeling as a whole.

In respect to the article linked in the picture, I urge all Saudi Arabian and women from other countries to fight for your rights as society isn't going to give them to you. Society is hypocritical, it is best to fight in the logical sense against them. 
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