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+Coldplay's new video song "Hymn the Weekend" is by far the catchiest song I have ever heard. I heard the piano riff, and was like... DAMNNNN. 

Plus, the video relates my heritage so I was beyond in awe. Coldplay written in Hindi, kids playing holi, fireworks over river ganges, and the scene was set.

But what I didn't understand was all the controversy being held on Twitter. 
@mxylotos said "Why did they have beyonce wear all that indian attire when they literally hired an indian actress?" Although it makes sense why someone would question that, I must say that Beyoncé does deserve some credit for her vocals. Yes, they hired Sonam Kapoor who had a small role in video. 

I would say that if Beyoncé is added in the video, her shimmering gown should have been more ethnic like how the rest of the video actually was. And, Sonam Kapoor should have been given a more extended role, like a collaboration with Beyoncé. It could make both of them a sensational hit!

As for critiquing the elements of the song, the melody was Coldplay's spot on performance. Except, the lyrics could be far better. At first, I didn't understand the meaning of the lyrics. Then once I analyzed the video, Chris Martin was describing the fun atmosphere of India that made life a wanderlust experience. Saying "your love is my drug" just needed an addition to complete the meaning of the whole song plus the video. 

Beyoncé's vocals were key to this song, and I superbly pleased with how Coldplay captured parts India's culture. Past examples haven't done a great job in representing India's beauty compared to this. I say, well done! 
I hope that Coldplay's magical spirit should never end, they make life worth living. 
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