Why Unreasonable People Exist (LA MODE PART I)

My life is FULL of unreasonable people.
There's constant negativity, puking out the worst of confusion and stupid ideals.
And until today, I cannot handle such people because of how they feed on negativity.

My family background has a lot in respect to this, but I try to understand the upbringing of such draining people.
For one, backwardness is a total NO-NO!
You cannot allow such horrible upbringing where people become so conservative and hypocritical.
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I haven't found a straight solution, where I could flick a switch and the unreasonable would go away. After a lot of struggle, I can confirm, that once you're stuck, you're stuck. 
You need to find different pathways to get out of a house filled with nonsense.

People that are negative, impractical, nonsensical, and you name it, haven't had an upbringing with clarity. They would probably be in a close-minded family, where orthodoxy is practiced.
Or, their parents wouldn't care (include knowing too) about guiding their children in the right way.

Why do you see radicals, ignorant minds, and downright controlling individuals worldwide? 
BAM BAM BAM, the answer is only based upon upbringing.

A great example would be Donald Trump, where his parents spoiled him and now he cannot understand important values of life. Didn't you hear about how a million dollar loan from his father was a dissapointment?

Socialites like the Kardashians are another good example, of how they have a dysfunctional life style.  For God sake, most of them are vulgar and sell themselves off.

Sure there are external ways of changing a person for the worst, but that kind of fuel is no match for how you were raised.

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