The Critique: Today's World of Love and Attraction

I never like such conversations, but I might as well explain what I have been noticing for years.

I don't understand why some people deem being single as a bad thing, and moreover a chance to be physically involved. People are losing touch upon what is real love--- a mental connection that is unique and cannot be replaced.

Although people generally blame today's generation, I must say that it is actually the preceding generation that has added some faults.
Making eye contact, flirting, and several other tactics are NOT LOVE. 
They are simply tactics of LUST, let's just state that there.

Trust me, I have fallen into the trap of those shameless tactics. In the end, it didn't prove out positively well and I ruined my reputation among a few people.

But later on, I found that even if you use eye communication (I know so cliché), you have to realize the other person's personality FIRST and FOREMOST!!!!

Otherwise you'll be in the dump with the rest of the club. Believe me, there is more satisfaction when you know the other person's characteristics and how they uplift themselves in society. This process takes a bit of work, and possibly years to defend but well worth it.

Once again, don't think of being "single and ready to mingle" as a positive thing. You will encounter many problems, and potentially lose the prospect of embracing ethical values. 

Be genuine, be proficient, and be sincere. Three words to definitely live by. 
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