Philoso #36: Respect VS Worship

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Hear ye, Hear ye, I cordially invite you to a topic of discussion worth considering.
Today, we live is a complex world, where people tend to confuse themselves.
Me as usual, finds a way to shave that path crystal clear.

Respect is similar to worship, in the sense that both ideals acknowledge one's existence positively.
Humanity being one when united, should know that it is a must to understand the ways of respecting someone. 

When you worship someone, you are dearly devoted to them. That's a kind of respect.
Although that kind of respect can be smothering between humans, and instead other ways are yet to be followed.
Think of celebrities per say, and you'll realize that the worshipping is actually infatuation.

Infatuation is a HUGE ideal in this modern society of ours. But, simple acts of respect or kindness should not be regarded as infatuation or as far as flirting.

When you respect someone, talk to them as if their existence is key to the universe. This will show your sincerity, and there is a complete chance of creating peace.

Respect is not given by everyone, and that is what causes all of these problems today. It's the small details that foreshadow our future, and if countries understood that today, they would change their whole operating structure.

So, if you want to worship something, it would be a deity or a saint. Between humans, it is respect and compassion, like any sensical and spiritual person would say. 
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