Philoso #35: Why the World Is Tearing Itself Apart

When you are morally wrong, it's not you that is only affected.
You affect the world and everyone's thinking.

They say that if you want to change the world, the first person you have to change is yourself.
Then doesn't this make logical sense?

I am disappointed that today the world is falling apart. The idea of unity, acceptance, and tolerance, are dissolving and nobody understands that this is essential.

Muslims are being prosecuted just for following their faith, and how is that ever right? One day people that protect that freedom of faith won't exist because of how everyone is turning against each other.

Americans are in favor of nominating Donald Trump, simply because "there's so much going around in this world, that we need to 'ban' Muslims from staying in this country." 

If people like Donald Trump, who have the same bigotrotic views, change themselves then the world wouldn't have to face injustice. 

And why does religion have to be the center of attention? Think about how there are so many gun shootings in America, it is unfathomable. 

Nobody is concerned about gun control and positivity in an environment. Majority just wants to go head-to-head in combat and "for-see" a solution. 
Sorry, but a very old saying once said that war never solves ANYTHING!

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